Hello all. There is this new show on FOX called ‘The Finder‘, and if you haven’t seen it yet then you need to! The show is about a man named Walter Sherman (played by Geoff Stults best known for his role as Ben Kinkirk on 7th Heaven), who is an Iraq War Veteran who suffered a brain injury during his last tour. Because of Walters’ brain injury he has developed this unusual talent for finding things that have been lost. He can find people, objects, places, etc. He has a group of friends who assist him in his crazy finding excursions. The group consists of a U.S. Deputy Marshall, an ex lawyer, and a juvenile delinquent. Because of his brain injury, once Walter gets the need to find something he won’t, and CAN’T stop till he finds it! No one knows what will happen if he ever needs to find something and doesn’t succeed! So far this season he has found a missing father who went down in an undisclosed location in a plane crash, a bullet that could prove a guilty man innocent, a lady a man meets in a bar one night, a baseball players stolen sports bag full of memorabilia, a missing magicians assistant, an alien (YES I said alien, and this episode has Dr. Hodgens from Bones), two missing girls in the middle of a hurricane (which he does without leaving his bar/home), and finally a record producer/owner (50 cent) former employees missing music… However, when finding these things Walter sometimes stumbles upon something bigger. His method for finding these missing items are crazy, unorthodox, and HILARIOUS!!! So if you haven’t seen this show then you are missing out! You can catch it on FOX Fridays at 8pm EST!!! And to catch up on the season you can go to www.hulu.com and watch all 8 episodes for FREE!!! Who doesn’t love free! So GO WATCH THE SHOW AND ENJOY A GOOD LAUGH!!! I KNOW I DO!!!


My name is Mary Watkins, I’m a huge vampire fanatic, I love to read and write. I’m a huge TV watcher, and I like to sing when no one is listening.
I’m an inspiring actress and some day hope to be successful at it!