In a perfect world, we would be young all the time. In Fun.’s world, you are every time you listen to the song ‘We Are Young’. This indie pop song hit number one on the Bilboard Hot 100 songs, a great accomplishment for any band, and even greater for an indie pop band!

So once again here is the time to vote for your favorite cover! Vote for the cover you like best. Tweet, Facebook and message everyone you know to help your favorite band or artist win!

While this Cover Wars is running, if you tweet @hrctweets with the hashtag #hrccoverwars you will automatically be entered to win signed merchandise from your favorite artist! 

Cover #1

Artist: Mike Tompkins 

Cover #2

Artist: Alex GootTiffany Alvord, and Luke Conard

Cover #3

Artist: IM5

Cover #4

Artist: Lisa Scinta

Cover #5

Artist: Jake Coco, Corey Grey, and Caitlin Hart

Cover #6

Artist: Satellites & Sirens

Cover #7

Artist: Shaun Novak